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For When You're Waiting

Go after it. Make it happen. Get to it. Just do it. Hustle. You can do anything you set your mind to.
Words we've heard all of our lives, words that have shaped our approach to get to where we want to be. If we just put forth enough effort carried by enough passion, what we want will come.
Obviously, this logic is problematic for any person on many levels, but none so much as for a follower of Christ who wants to truly follow Him. As in, let go of trying to control the outcomes because it is the Leader, not the follower, who determines what is made of our lives when we live in obedience.
Does this mean we should just live in lackadaisical fashion, without putting forth any effort and just letting whatever happens happen? As Paul would say, may it never be! Of course there is a mandate for time to push and sow and labor and train and take that step into the Jordan at the time of flood. But what if, after all of that labor and effort and stepping in faith, God leads us into a time o…

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