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For When You Can't Find the Time for Quiet Time

If you grew up in or around the Christian faith, you know about quiet time. It was on the summer youth camp schedule as TAWG Time (Time Alone With God...Time. Redundant, I know). You may refer to it as your devotions or meditation or prayer time. No matter its name, it basically defined as time that is set aside for reading scripture, reflection, and prayer.
We all have a picture in mind of what this time is supposed to look like. Maybe you picture yourself in the woods by a stream with your waterproof Bible and mud-smudged Moleskine. Perhaps it’s a corner table at the local hipster coffee shop with She Reads Truth, a steaming cup of Earl Grey (you coffee shop rebel, you) and Sigur Ros in your earbuds (because even though he is singing about garden gnomes, it sounds like he is beckoning God himself down from heaven).
For me, it’s waking up an hour before everyone else, freshly French pressed dark roast coffee in my favorite mug, sitting out on the back porch, reading the Word as the wor…

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